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vCISO (Virtual CISO)

ciso.pngVirtual CISO

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), Leverage the benefits of highly experienced senior consultants to set, develop and operationalize your information and cybersecurity strategy.

The Virtual CISO role integrates security leaders into organizations and provides security insight to the organization’s vision. This role is a great fit for small- to medium-sized businesses or large enterprises with security systems in place. An objective view is required as the role of an external advisor.

Hexafusion has the expertise to support existing security teams and operationalize the culture of security within the organization’s Business as Usual operations. Hexafusion believes that working with existing security teams is the best way to make the security journey a success. This ensures security is balanced in a meaningful manner.

  • Facilitate the achievement of business goals
  • Respecting compliance obligations
  • Secure ways to work without hindering innovation or rapid delivery.

Penetration Testing

Reveal Vulnerabilities and Meet Compliance with Manual Pen Testing Even if you’ve invested in the most comprehensive cybersecurity protection, there is no guarantee that a hacker won’t be able to breach your network. Cybercriminals are improving their tactics as quickly as cybersecurity products are being developed. A cyberattack can cause a lot of havoc on …

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Phishing Simulation

If a Cybercriminal’s Gone Phishin’, Would Your Employees Take the Bait? Use Phishing Simulation & Awareness Training to reduce your employees’ risk from phishing and other cyberattacks. 66% of cybercriminals rank email phishing as their attack vector of choice.  Phishing is a serious threat to businesses.Phishing has become the #1 attack method of choice for …

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